Youth Guarantee No-Fees program


Youth Guarantee No-Fees Program

New Zealand Certificate in Fishing Vessel Crewing level 3
Level 2 at Sea Processing National Certificate

Under the age of 18 and want a career in the NZ fishing industry then our no-fees Youth Guarantee program is for you.
On completion of this program, a completed MNZ workbook and 6 months seatime you will be eligible to sit for your first MNZ licence “Advanced Deckhand Fishing”
This is a great start to a career in the NZ fishing industry as this licence is required as part of the manning requirements for a vessel to work at sea so in great demand by employers
The biggest requirement to be successful on our program is a good attitude and a willingness to work in a team environment.
The WDSFS runs a drug and alcohol free residential program and regular testing is a part of this culture. Failure to comply with school policy around testing may result in dismissal from the program.
A full breakdown of the school rules and expectations can be found in out student handbook below

Link to WDSFS student handbook

This is a great program and the WDSFS provides a residential program tailored for new entrants into the NZ fishing industry.
With starting wages of around 50K for new crew it’s a reward well worth working towards.

The two qualifications listed below make the full 25-week program

Qualifications Gained

On successful program completion the following will be gained.
• New Zealand Certificate in Fishing Vessel Crewing (Level 3)
• STCW Fire Prevention and Fire-fighting
• STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
• STCW Personal Survival Techniques
• STCW Elementary First Aid
• Seafood vessel operations (at sea processing) level 2

This is a full time program of study

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be a minimum of 16 years of age

Completion of a WDSFS enrollment form and background screening for health and a police or ministry of justice check to meet the requirements of the fit and proper person act


Shared room, breakfast and evening meal 7 days a week. $180.00 you need to provide your own lunches and funds for personal items.

New Zealand Certificate in Fishing Vessel Crewing level 3


Westport, Flexi Intakes

Full time

up to 25 weeks with break if requested


No Fees

Program Content

1. Demonstrate safe and sustainable working practices and contribute to effective communications and relationships on board a vessel. Basic safety training:
• STCW Personal survival techniques
• STCW Fire prevention and firefighting
• STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
• STCW Elementary first aid
• Prevention of marine pollution
• Prevention of shipboard accidents

2. Understand operational factors that affect the safety of the fishing vessel and crew, including nautical terminology and commands.
• Marine (Nautical) terms
• Orders commonly used in fishing operations
• Dangers associated with fishing operations
• Handling and maintenance of deck appliances
• Good personal conduct and use of personal protection equipment to minimise hazards

3. Assist with vessel navigation at the support level.
• Helm orders
• Lookout duties

4. Understand fishing vessel construction and factors affecting stability and seaworthiness.
Construction, application, purpose and handling of equipment

• Vessel stability and seaworthiness

5. Apply seamanship knowledge and skills to the safe operation of the vessel at the support level.
• Knowledge of splicing ropes
• Mooring operations and the handling of mooring ropes
• Commands for mooring, anchoring and towing

Seafood Vessel Operations (At Sea Processing) Level 2


Westport, Flexi Intakes

Full time

up to 25 weeks with break if requested


No Fees

Program content

• At the end of this program you’ll be able to:
• Show knowledge of workplace health and safety requirements
• Describe seafood spoilage factors and their controls
• Maintain personal hygiene and use hygienic work practices while working with seafood
• Describe and use safe work practices in the seafood industry
• Identify common parts, fittings and equipment on a vessel
• Show knowledge of abandon ship procedures and demonstrate sea survival techniques
• Prevent, extinguish and limit the spread of fire on a vessel
• Show knowledge of protection of the marine environment during seafood vessel operations
• Work on a commercial fishing vessel.
• Handle Seafood product
• You’ll need to pick at least one of the following topics to suit your job role:
• Clean and sanitise a seafood processing plant
• Safely handle and use a chemical in the seafood industry
• Maintain a safe work area while working with seafood products.

Ready for an exciting and rewarding career?


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